Cleaning services.
Riga. Jurmala. Latvia.
Cleaning of apartments, private houses, office, retail and warehouse premises, territory.
Washing windows.
Maintenance of buildings.


Cleaning jobs:

- water pipe, sewerage, and heating system maintenance;

- cleaning of common use areas;

- cleaning of office premises;

- cleaning windows and building facades;

- cleaning of production premises and equipment;

- cleaning of retail premises and equipment;

- cleaning private residences;

- cleaning after renovation;

- carpet replacement;

- territory maintenance;

- daily territory maintenance;

- cleaning of streets and squares;

- lawn maintenance;

- landscaping;

- cleaning and removal of snow;

- territory improvements;.

- general cleaning.

Property management:

- water pipe, sewerage, and heating system maintenance;

- ventilation system maintenance;

- electricity supply system and low current wire network maintenance;

- equipment maintenance (lifts, refrigerators, etc.);

- waste removal, deratisation, disinsection;

- information system services;

- Invention and implementation of development and renovation projects;

- waste removal, deratisation, disinsection;

- emergency service;

- household security services;

- Renovation works;

- cosmetic refurbishment;

- refurbishment involving engineering services;

- building and restoration of houses;

- real estate management;

- payment supervision;

- financial planning;

- legal and financial consultations.

We work in Riga, Jūrmala and Riga District. Latvia.


 Fire Safety Certificate of Latvia (160 h);

Labor safety certificate of Latvia (160 h).

We work in Riga, Jūrmala and Riga District. Latvia.


Our company is taking part in European Union project Green Light aimed at reducing consumption of electric and heating energy. It was launched in 2000 to reduce enterprises’ dependency on energy resources, thus reducing polluting emissions.

 By saving energy, YOU save on costs and become more competitive in the market.

 In our turn, WE offer you checks of heating and energy effectiveness of your premises. It also includes free energy audit and our help when choosing the energy saving installations.

About us

Property Management began its activities in the market of Latvia in 2007 as a professional company for cleaning premises and territory, and property management. Our company is working hard to provide customers with high quality services, which are provided by our reliable employees. Every person working for us has a certificate of quality and is responsible to provide the best service to fulfill the policy of our company.

Employees of Property Management office receive professional training related to specific type of premises, cleaning and chemical agents used. Technical equipment complying with the latest technologies is used in performing the cleaning works.

Thus Property Management offers solutions that would correspond to the specific needs to each costumer.

We work in Riga, Jūrmala and Riga District. Latvia.


Property Management. Ltd

Address Office: Alberta Street 13, Riga, LV-1010.

Теl.: +371 29689462


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